Photo Gallery

Check out the photography of the many events that we host at SVA and within the larger community.

Art Show 2019:

Our annual art show features student work with a variety of styles and creative mediums.

If you're a fan of artistic expression, this is a great opportunity for you and your children.

Capital Day:

Our students visit the state capital and various representatives.


The Carnival is our community gathering where we come together to have fun and celebrate our students, parents, and teachers.

Craft Fair:

Our annual craft bazaar is where parents and community members sell unique artisan gifts.


The graduation party is at the end of the year to celebrate the academic accomplishments of our students.

Hajj Simulation:

We created a Hajj experience for children and parents to learn in an interactive way the stages of Hajj.

Movie Night:

Our Movie Night is a great way for the community to appreciate a film together in a laid back environment.