SVA strives to create an environment where our families can build a thriving Muslim community alongside a nurturing academic setting.

Parent Life at SVA

SVA not only fosters a sense of community for our students but also for our parents and caregivers! By encouraging our parents to actively engage in their child's journey at SVA, we invigorate the academic success of our students. We encourage every parent to get involved, by volunteering at least 30 hours during the year - 15 hours per semester per family - so our children receive the most benefit.

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Playing an active role in your child's school, classroom, and events enables children to improve their academic performance and develop healthy relationships with their parents, teachers, and counselors!

Student Life at SVA

At Silicon Valley Academy, we work hard to create a community all year long. We allow students to express their thoughts and ideas, build relationships, and practice collaboration. This helps to grow and maintain a feeling of emotional safety at school and in the classroom. Our teachers and staff take every opportunity to model kindness and Islamic manners, such as saying salaam to students as they begin their day.

At the start of the day, students kindergarten through 8th grade begin with a morning assembly where they recite the morning dua, Surah al-Fatiha, and hear a brief piece of Islamic advice followed by announcements and upcoming events.

During the school day, students have a snack break followed by recess, a lunch break followed recess, and 2nd through 8th graders break for Dhuhr prayer.

Parent Teacher Organization

At SVA, we have a Parent Teacher Organization that consist of dedicated parents who assist with events and projects in collaboration with SVA Staff and Administration, including our Hajj simulation, Fall Carnival, Book Fair, and Career Day. Look our for meetings and opportunities to get involved throughout the school year!

Parent Code of Conduct

Communication between parents, teachers and administration is imperative to the education of all children. This communication should be conducted with respect, trust, and professionalism.

SVA staff always has only the best of intentions in mind for their students. As experienced educators, parents must trust that the staff will always act in the best interest of the students. SVA has a zero-tolerance policy for any type of harassment, hostility, intimidation, threats, and/or violence whether verbal and/or physical towards its staff members, students, parents, and/or other members of the SVA community, including its neighbors. SVA reserves the right to deny access to its school property and any school wide sponsored activities/events whether on campus or off campus to anyone who is deemed an unsafe person/threat to SVA, its staff members, students, parents and other members of its community, including its neighbors. Moreover, SVA reserves the right to terminate enrollment of any student(s) whose parent(s)/guardian(s) do not abide by SVA’s Parent Code of Conduct.