ii. Resources

Throughout the school year there will be many opportunities and supplemental forms needed for certain projects or events.

External Portals:

Google Classroom Login

Google Classroom is our online classroom portal where teachers share academic material, make announcements, post assignments, and discuss topics related to the units they are teaching. Students are also able to create and submit classwork through this portal.

Students and parents can login to this portal using the student’s assigned email address.

Click Here for Parent Portal

Our parent volunteer portal is an online application to help track volunteer hours. The application helps you track volunteer commitments as well as see what available projects and requests are open with current SVA teachers and faculty.

Volunteering Opportunities:

Stay tuned for opportunities to volunteer. If you'd like to share a skill with us, please reach out to [email protected]

Employment Opportunities:

There are currently no openings. Check back for future opportunities.